Alongside fixed barbecues (brick, concrete or stone), there are transportable in prices from 15 to 3000 USD, basic to the very sophisticated with cupboards, worktops, side burner, etc. We distinguish the devices depending on the fuel used.


The choice of barbecue is primarily following the use you will make:

  • the frequency of use: just during the summer or in any season;
  • the number of people to serve: family, friends, relatives, or all at the same time!
  • the dishes you will prepare: grilled meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, shrimp, potatoes, leg of lamb, etc.
  • the desired cooking: grill, oven, griddle, rotisserie, pizza stone, or wok.
  • space: large or small garden, terrace, or balcony.

So if you cook grilled just for the family, during the long summer evenings on the terrace or in the garden, go for a barbecue with charcoal or a small gas grill or electric.

For a “garden party “with many guests (over ten people), choose the best gas grill model to prepare all your dishes: from appetizers to dessert through the lamb, chicken, fish.

You like to cook outside, even in the spring or in the fall? Invest in a gas grill that offers all the comforts of a controlled baking, a rapid start and allows you to perform a broad range of recipes. You can also opt for a charcoal barbecue, very aesthetic!

On your balcony, choose the electric barbecue (to lay on a table), it is easily transportable and takes up little space.



Charcoal Barbecue Grill

This is the traditional barbecue. It is perfect for searing meat and gives them a unique little taste of smell.

Prefer a tank and an enameled steel lid, flame resistant and preserving the original appearance. Prefer a model with cover, to protect against flare-ups, distribute even heat in the tank and keep the food soft. The NF remains a mark of quality for charcoal grills. Choose the one where the fuel should not be consumed too quickly and do not release too many fly ashes. Ideally, the charcoal must be composed of 80% carbon. You can also burn coconut or charcoal briquettes that offer excellent resistance.

Tip: Charcoal is to keep dry. Help you fire lighters, paraffin cubes or compressed wood, liquids or gels ignition, to start your grill and get the coals at the right temperature.

Important: Never use methylated spirit or gasoline to start a fire! Accident risks are too high.

Models of barbecues with charcoal are becoming more sophisticated: integrated work plan, vertical cooking, adapted rotisserie, wok, built-in griddle, pizza stone, designed smoker.

Some barbecues are equipped with an ignition system facility:

  • Start from the bottom, inside the barbecue, in Barbecook;
  • RapidFire Chimney Spark Weber: place the chimney full of charcoal over flaming fire starter. The embers are ready in about 20 minutes;
  • Automatic ignition gas, Touch-N-Go Weber with a stainless steel burner and a button to press.

The recovery and ash cleaning is made easy thanks to the removable ashtray.


Electric Barbecue Grill

Lightweight, compact and portable, an electric grill is perfect for balconies and small urban gardens. Especially, since some models can be placed on the table. The best electric grills are the ones which are very easy to use: plug it into the household power outlet, turn a knob to turn it on and to adjust its temperature. You control everything using simple functions. Prefer a high power barbecue (at least 2.2 kW), with cover to maintain heat. At lower power, the barbecue may be slow to heat and cook large pieces of meat. Choose a cooking grill in cast enameled steel, and always a cover to keep the heat and cook food faster.

The grease collection is done in trays or by window-fried platters, which revalorise juices for tastier food.

Gas Barbecue Grill

Multifunction, gas grill lets you enter foods like cooking them slowly. It is perfect for the stone grill, wok cooking, baking, and grilling. It lights up with a button, it heats very quickly and allows you to adjust precisely the cooking temperature.

Prefer a bowl and a lid cast aluminum, a cooking grill in cast enameled steel. Advice: choose propane fuel gas, used in all external conditions and better performance. The gas grill is ideal for large gardens, but can become a substantial investment for households. An essential element not to be overlooked when choosing a gas barbecue: the burners. Prefer stainless steel, there are different power (in kW), consuming more or less energy. The number of burners is important to consider when shopping: slow burners and your meat is dried up. Consider also the size of the grill and the number of people to serve.


When the weather is set fair, and the sun is shining, the urge is strong to spend the whole day outside, especially to eat there! The barbecue is great pleasure in the summer to 75% of the Americans. Gas grills and electric grills are the best, but they’re no match to the taste charcoal barbecue provides. Accessories and technology have pushed the gas grill to become a true outdoor kitchen. The barbecue is no longer synonymous only with grilled sausages and steaks; you can now also cook vegetables, fish, poultry, seafood, pizza, paella, starters, and desserts! Between tradition and modernity, balance your heart? Follow our tips for choosing the best barbecue of the summer!